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  • Great supplementary product if you are already on a diet or exercise regimen but are having the hardest time sticking to it or seeing it through to the end.
  • If you ever wonder why all the weight loss products or programs you have tried haven’t given you the results you are looking for, maybe better motivation is all you need.
  • Simple format, straightforward presentation, and professional design.
  • Clear and concise discussions and explanations on the topics.
  • Generous use of images helps convey the message while also serving as great visual text breakers.
  • Focuses on the mental and motivational aspects of weight loss – topics rarely discussed.
  • Simple to understand. No technical or overly complicated concepts discussed here.
  • Customer service is very efficient. We received a helpful response on the same day that we sent out our inquiry.


  • Lacks any logical flow on the topics. The program goes from one topic to another without a sense of continuity.
  • Not meant as a standalone weight loss product.
  • No actual meal plans or exercise routines to follow.
  • Discusses well known health concepts like metabolism, but a little thin overall on scientific facts and studies.
  • Action plans are a bit gimmicky, like spending 10 minutes of quiet time each morning or writing down a list of reasons why you want to lose weight.
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Weight Loss Motivation Bible Key Product Details

Weight Loss Motivation Bible Product LineupWeight Loss Motivation Bible is a weight loss program that deals with the motivational and psychological aspects of losing weight. It is not composed of any specific diet plan or exercise routine like most other weight loss programs. Instead, the program is aimed at raising your drive and keeping you motivated to begin and work through a diet plan or exercise regimen until you realize the results you are aiming for.

The main idea behind this program is that any real diet program or exercise regimen (i.e. barring all the outright scams and bogus products out there) could, would, and should work for you. The author believes that the main problem with most failed attempts at weight loss is that people have little to no focus on the mindset needed to achieve long term success. That is, most people don’t get the results they want because they tend to lack the motivation and mental fortitude to see the program through to the end. This is what the Weight Loss Motivation Bible aims to address.

Weight Loss Motivation Bible is authored by Carolyn Hansen. She has been involved with the fitness industry for over 30 years as a fitness center owner (World of Fitness and Anytime Fitness), as a competitor in athletics, triathlons, and Olympic weightlifting events, and as a participant in over 30 professional body building competitions. As a matter of fact, she has won the New Zealand professional body building title. On top of those impressive credentials, she’s a certified fitness instructor as well as an author of many weight loss books and articles, most of which are published throughout notable fitness blogs.

Moving on to the program itself, Weight Loss Motivation Bible doesn’t follow a certain logical program flow. That is, it’s not a step-by-step program nor is it divided into phases. Heck, it’s not even organized into a big-picture-to-specific-details type of flow. The way we see it, it’s more like an enumeration of weight loss motivation principles, although it’s not explicitly mentioned that way. Therefore, you can expect isolated discussions about weight loss motivation per chapter, without each chapter necessarily being related or tied up to the previous chapters.

For a short introduction, you’ll get to know more where Carolyn is coming from and why she believes that motivation is the hidden piece of the entire weight loss puzzle. That is, unless you are truly motivated, it is unlikely that any form of permanent progress can and will be achieved. While the act of dieting and exercise can bring about 10% of the changes in your body, the remaining 90% comes from the work you do on the inside.

Just to give you an idea on what some of these chapters contain, there’s a healthy section about the importance of following realistic diets and urges you to choose a healthy eating plan that will work for you in the long term. Don’t fall for hyped-up and trendy diet fads and follow tried-and-tested methodologies instead.

The program also tackles the importance of exercise, and explains how living a healthy and active lifestyle will not just build fat-burning muscle tissue but will also condition the brain.

Aside from dieting and exercise advice (again, not actual diet plans or exercise routines), the program also discusses the importance of having values, and expounds on how an increase in health and weight loss values (i.e. the amount of importance you give to your health) can greatly affect your motivation levels.

There is also a section about the necessity to have both short term weight loss goals and long term weight loss goals while also devising a plan to eventually bridge the gap between the two. This, according to the program, is the key to achieving sustainable and consistent weight loss.

There is a cluster of chapters that discusses self confidence, self belief, and way of thinking and how they can form the very core of your weight issues. The program then discusses how positive thoughts can help clear those issues.

An action-oriented section involves asking you to examine your daily life and answering a series of questions. These guide questions will help you identify your core life values and priorities; which are essential in helping you make any adjustments to your present way of living.

Didn’t we just say that there’s no logical flow? It may get confusing, with topics just shooting all over the place, but there’s still something important to learn within each section.

Weight Loss Motivation Bible Prices and Packages

$37, Standard Package

  • “Weight Loss Motivation Bible” e-book.
  • “7 Strategic Mind Messaging” audio files.
  • “The Motivation Companion” e-report.
  • “Coconut Oil – The Healthy Fat” e-report.
  • “The Weekly Healthy Recipe” e-book set.

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Our Weight Loss Motivation Bible Review Verdict

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Weight Loss Motivation Bible is a weight loss program that stresses on the importance of having the right mindset in order to achieve sustainable weight loss. While it does make several convincing points and serves as a great supplementary product to a comprehensive dietary program or exercise regimen, it definitely cannot stand on its own as a weight loss product. For this, we give this product a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Weight Loss Motivation Bible does an exceptional job in discussing, with great detail, the importance of motivating yourself more than any other weight loss product out there in the market. It repeatedly emphasizes how much you can shape your reality based on the thoughts you put in your mind every single day. If, after reading through this program, you still don’t realize the relationship between motivation and weight loss, you’ll be hard pressed finding anything out there that can teach you how to get motivated.

The main knock on the product, however, is that it is still just a supplementary product. If you only rely on this product for your weight loss journey, chances are you won’t reach your destination. This product can get you motivated and pumped up but doesn’t actually teach you the practical dieting and exercise regimens that can make you lose weight.

Regardless, Weight Loss Motivation Bible tackles a side of weight loss that other fitness programs do not talk about much (or neglect altogether). Most people already know the need to be consistent with their physical activities and the importance of choosing the right foods. However, you are rarely taught to take control of your mental programming and use it to your full potential. Weight Loss Motivation Bible teaches you the importance of establishing your own reasons for losing weight so that you can impose change on yourself and not have others impose change on you.

On those important notes, Weight Loss Motivation Bible is still not a product for everyone. It’s meant for those who are having a hard time sticking with diet and exercise plans. If this proves to be your issue, this product is definitely worth a look.

Our Final Recommendation: Try Before You Buy Weight Loss Motivation Bible

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