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  • A rare weight loss and fitness program specifically designed for 40 year olds and above.
  • This is a “living proof” product which means the authors (Steve and Becky Holman) are both over 40 but have amazing bodies and healthy lifestyles.
  • Takes into consideration every nuance and specific conditions of getting in shape while being 40 years old or above (i.e. having a slower metabolism, joint aches and pains).
  • Accommodates 40 year olds (and above) of every fitness level.
  • Separated into clearly differentiated sections depending on your fitness and health goals.
  • Doesn’t take a lot of time nor put a lot of stress on your body. The workouts only take 90 minutes a week.
  • Other products simply use bonuses as deal fluffers, not this one though. The free bonuses here are high value items in their own rights.


  • If you’re 39 years old or below, this is absolutely not the weight loss product for you. That is, unless you have joint problems normally associated with those in their 40s.
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Old School New Body Key Product Details

Old School New Body Product LineupOld School New Body is a rare fitness program designed for an often neglected, but no less important, demographic – adults of age 40 or above. It’s not surprising that most fitness and weight loss programs out there in the market right now aim to be “catch all” products (claiming that everyone can use them). A wider audience equals a larger potential customer base, right? That’s why it’s commendable that Old School New Body chose to break the mold and help a smaller but significant demographic (adults 40 years old and above) “defy age” and get into great shape at a very delicate period in their lives.

The team behind the creation of Old School New Body is a bit of an all star cast. There’s Iron Man Magazine editor-in-chief Steve Holman together with his wife Becky Holman; and then there’s John M. Rowley, considered to be “America’s Lifestyle Strategist.” With those 3 you can be sure that this fitness program is standing on a solid foundation of experience, science, and proven results.

This program is a “living proof” product, which means that Steve and Becky Holman both achieved results by using the methods that they are sharing in this product. We love these types of products because they almost always guarantee effectiveness. The authors personally used themselves as “test subjects” and this fitness program shows you exactly what they did to “defy age”, have great health, and develop amazing bodies at their delicate age.

Out of this self-experimentation comes a system that Steve and Becky Holman call the “Focus 4 Exercise” system or the “F4X” system. It’s a workout and diet plan combination that only requires 90 minutes a week of your time. It’s divided into 3 progressing phases that depends on your current fitness level and fitness goal.

Digging deeper into the program, Old School New Body starts off with the typical “breaking myths and revealing truths” intro; the main difference being that the program deals with fitness myths and truths applicable to adults over 40.

After that basic introduction, you would then proceed to the core of the program – the “F4X” exercise and meal plans. Like what we mentioned earlier, the “F4X” system is divided into 3 phases; with the first phase called “F4X Lean.” This is the launching point of the whole program and where everybody normally begins (assuming you live a fairly sedentary lifestyle or have no fitness activity the last couple of months). “F4X Lean” introduces you to the basic F4X protocols of exercises and diet plans. During this phase, the main aim is to help you lose the excess body fat that’s weighing you down.

The next 2 phases are optional; meaning the completion of the “F4X Lean” is enough to raise most people to a higher standard of health. However, if that’s not enough for you, feel free to proceed to the second phase called the “F4X Shape” phase. At “F4X Shape” you can expect modifications to the basic F4X lifting and diet style, the final goal of which is to help you build lean muscles and raise your fitness.

The last phase, again optional after finishing “F4X Shape,” is called “F4X Build.” The process includes further modifications to the basic F4X exercises and meal plans. Once you’ve finished, you can expect to have developed bulk and 15-30 lbs. of additional muscle.

Old School New Body Prices and Packages

$20, Standard Package

  • “Old School New Body” e-book.
  • “F4X Quick Start Workout Guide” e-report.
  • “Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets” e-report.
  • “Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets” e-report.
  • “Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets” e-report.
  • “Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets” e-report.

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Our Old School New Body Review Verdict

Old School New Body is really a product that we’ve waited on for a long time to come. Our baby boomer generation is aging and this product is a great service to the men and women who defined majority of the 20th century. The cost of health care is going up and it’s really up to the 40 year olds and above to fend for their own health. This product is a definite must have for everyone 40 years or above, and it’s not a surprise that we give it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Just to be clear though, we don’t hand off perfect ratings simply based on the sentimental value of the market they serve. Old School New Body is an easy to follow program that delivers results despite the requirement of only 90 minutes per week. It’s not really a surprise though, who can better understand the needs of their demographic than Steve and Becky Holman themselves (being part of the 40 year old and above age themselves).

Of course the only knock on the product is that it is really just applicable for 40 year olds and above. If you are part of a younger age group you might not be able to relate to or appreciate the over-40 bits of the program.

However, if you’re part of over-40 demographic, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more fitting product. It’s affordable, the program and bonuses are amazing, and it should definitely be part of your weight loss library.

Our Final Recommendation: Absolutely Buy Old School New Body

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bad website experience...

Jun 28, 2014 by Steven Ledingham

I tried to purchase Old School New Body via PayPal. Once the transaction was completed, I was lead to watch many minutes of advertisements for add-on products. No way was provided to skip ahead to downloading my order. I finally walked away from the computer until these ads were done only to find more and more pages to go through until I finally got to the download link, which then would not work and had timed out. I am so disgusted, I am pursuing a refund and filed a complaint with PayPal.

Response: Thank you very much Steven for sharing your experience with this product. While we only review the products and in no way connected with the company behind Old School New Body, we are still saddened to hear about the issues you encountered. We do believe it is an isolated incident. We tested the process ourselves and we did see a button that allows you to skip through the add-on pages. You can see this button at the bottom of the pages and allows you to express that you are not interested in the add-ons. Granted, it is quite easy to miss because it is small and uninteresting so it is not, in any way, your fault.

Regarding the download link, you should have received an e-mail from Clickbank that has your download link. This is a safety precaution just in case your download link from the merchant website does not work; exactly what you encountered. Kindly look through your e-mail inbox or spam folder and refer to the download link in that e-mail. We hope that helps.

pretty good...

Nov 07, 2013 by Jerry Weis

I have been doing the F4X system for a little over a month. Not a bad system, although there are some parts that still need refining. I have had pretty good results with the routine so far; my arms, which have always been particularly hard to develop, have seen some good improvement. Being 46, I have a host of old injuries which tend to flare up and impede progress. Following this routine, I am getting a very intense workout with less fear of re-injury.

That said, there are some drawbacks to consider. My goals are hypertrophy, moderate strength gains, flexibility, endurance, and body fat maintenance; for which this system seems to be quite well-suited. It is not as strength-focused as other programs (if you want to focus on strength building, a 5x5 or high-intensity routine would probably be a better choice). Also, I have found the Build routine to be pretty unforgiving in terms of scheduling and rest; you miss or delay one day, and it throws off the rest of the week. Eliminating the Light day and packing a smidge more into the other days gives me the scheduling flexibility and longer rests I need.

Lastly, the authors make the assumption that the reader is quite familiar with proper form and technique of the various exercises; exercises are listed, but there is very little description on how to perform most of them properly. Considering that some of the programs laid out are meant for novices to weight training, this can be fatal flaw.

Nevertheless, it does indeed appear to be a pretty effective system; a good synthesis of solid concepts.

Response: Welcome to our website Jerry and thank you very much for sharing your experience with this product. Your contribution would really help our readers make the best decisions for themselves. We are really glad to hear that the system is working for you and you are getting positive results. Yes, the product does have its shortcomings but as long as it provides genuine value, we believe it is worth a try. We hope to hear more from you in the future and we wish you more and more wonderful results.

not just for seniors...

Jul 16, 2013 by Ed Gasçon

This actually works for all ages and not just for seniors - from 20 to 75, the fundamental fitness anatomy is the same. The program also does not require any specialized anti-aging drugs or anything like that, so the younger age group do not have to make serious adjustments.

I am not really sure why you mentioned that the program does not work for people under 40.

Response: Thank you very much for your honest comment Ed. We appreciate the feedback and we agree that this program can work for fitness goers of all ages. However, when we reviewed the program we saw some sections that are intended and applicable only to seniors (or people with conditions attributable to old age). Those in the younger age group who decide to purchase this program would, in turn, still pay for the whole price of the program but would not be able to appreciate or use these senior sections. The effectiveness of this program for all age group is not in question, we just decided that those belonging to the younger age group would get the full worth of their money with programs designed specifically for their demographic.

took me a long time...

Dec 27, 2012 by Thomas Stuckey

I am 47 but I am actively going to the gym to keep fit. The problem is my personal trainer does not seem to know the difference between young adults and seniors. My joints are not as pain resistant as they were used to. It took me a long time to find this review and this fitness product for seniors but it definitely changed everything. It is great to have a fitness program that understands what we seniors have to really deal with.

Response: Glad to hear that this program worked for you Thomas. Most of the time, it really takes a while to find that perfect program; but it is all worth it in the end. Thank you very much for posting your experience with this product. It would surely help our other readers.

3.8 5.0 4 4 I tried to purchase Old School New Body via PayPal. Once the transaction was completed, I was lead to watch many minutes of advertisements for add-on products. No way was provide Old School New Body Review