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NOTE: MET Training is no longer for sale but we would keep this review page live for your reference. In the meantime, you might want to take a look at similar products like Greek God Muscle Building or No Nonsense Muscle Building.


  • Amazing product if you’re a hardcore bodybuilder looking for something efficient, effective, and intense. This product is more appropriate for intermediate fitness buffs looking to bring their bodybuilding regimen to the next level.
  • Very efficient bodybuilding program. That is, you’ll get more results with substantially less amount of workout time compared to other programs.
  • Intense and hardcore workout program. Biplex workouts (i.e. two exercises performed back to back) and whole body workouts during each session would really challenge you physically and mentally.
  • The author is a very accomplished, knowledgeable, and well-established name in the fitness industry. His line of accomplishments in the bodybuilding and fitness fields run on a long list.
  • Straight to the point with no filler content or chit chats. Like what the author, Scott, says over and over throughout the program – “It’s all about the work.”
  • The e-book, video, and audio files are downloadable as opposed to other programs which only offer online video and audio streams. Having downloadable files allow you to enjoy the program on your media device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc.) even without an internet connection.
  • Very quick support team. Expect to get a response from them within 24 hours, which is the case for our test.


  • Assumes that you already know fitness terms and how to read workout charts. Needless to say, totally complete beginners might have difficulty putting everything within this program together.
  • The nutrition component is a bit shallow.
  • Gym equipment or membership as well as diet adjustments are to be expected; both of which require additional investments.
  • The text content is laid out in an interview style format which makes it appear like a very long FAQ section. It’s ok, but such a format doesn’t flow very well and is a bit hard to reference back in case you want to review a particular topic.
  • Does not offer any bonuses beyond the main program.

MET Training Key Product Details

MET Training Product LineupMET Training (with MET translating to Metabolic Enhancement Training, which essentially makes calling the program as MET Training a bit redundant; but we digress) is a hardcore bodybuilding program created from the great mind of one of the best fitness trainers in the industry. It stands out from other programs in that MET Training is built upon biplex exercises (2 exercises done back to back with no rest in between) and works your whole body during each workout session while not requiring cardio. Didn’t we say that this program is intense and hardcore?

The author of the program is Scott Abel. He is well-known in the bodybuilding circles as one of the best pro bodybuilding trainers around. Prior to being a full time trainer, Scott was an accomplished professional bodybuilder himself, a fitness supplement endorser, and a contributor to some of the most popular fitness blogs around; among other impressive accolades. His list of credentials are too numerous to list in this review so if you want to read about his full professional story, do visit his website’s official bio.

As for the program itself, you’ll get to experience Scott as your fitness trainer via the main program’s training videos. In these videos, Scott is training one of his most accomplished students – pro bodybuilder Kevin Weiss (who himself is quite popular in the pro bodybuilding universe). You can put yourself in Kevin’s shoes and act as if Scott is training you.

Highlighting the great aspects of this product, you would really be amazed at the usage and focus on biplex exercises (again, if you missed it above; biplex exercises mean 2 different exercises that are done back to back without any rest in between) as most other programs focus on separate individual exercises. It’s very intense, tiring, and you’ll really feel the burn and the workout. As a matter of fact, even Kevin, already a seasoned professional bodybuilder, is constantly out of breath in the videos. Get ready to do some major work.

Another highlight of the program is Scott’s constant motivational rant that “it’s all about the work.” While other trainers and programs try to motivate you in different ways like listing your goals, taking “selfies” to see your progress, or evaluating the reasons why you are working out; Scott just goes straight to the point with his no nonsense approach that “it’s all about the work.” That is, if you want to get the results, you have to do the work. That’s it. No other motivational gimmicks or trickery; just hardcore, in your face reality.

For our last highlight, we want to touch on this program’s focus on what Scott calls “metabolic demand on multiple planes.” It’s just Scott’s way of saying that his MET system puts a lot of load on different body parts simultaneously. This is the main reason why this program can give you faster results in a shorter amount of time.

MET Training Prices and Packages

$47, Standard Package

  • “MET Training” complete system (“M.E.T. Training Videos” downloadable files, “M.E.T. Training Manual” e-book, “The Secrets of M.E.T.” e-book and audio file, “M.E.T. Training Log Sheets” files, “M.E.T. Dietary Principles” audio files, “Exercise Video Library” online access).

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Our MET Training Review Verdict

MET Training is a bodybuilding program that is all about intensity and efficiency. Casual gym goers (often called “pretenders” by serious fitness buffs) would find this program overkill; but if you are one of those people who are looking for a challenging and serious workout, this program would be right up your alley. This fitness program offers a lot of unique and interesting bodybuilding ideas to distinguish it from other typical bodybuilding products. It does fall short on some aspects though. Taking all of these into consideration, it’s only fair to give this product an above average 4 out of 5 stars rating.

The uniqueness of the training program is MET system’s main positive characteristic. Biplex exercises are not what you would normally see with any typical workout program; the same with whole body workouts during each session. There are quite a few practices within this program that turn conventional workout knowledge and beliefs on its head; and that’s a good thing. We already have a lot of products out there preaching the same old stuff (simply expressed in different words and terms) anyway. Something new might be exactly what we need.

The unappealing thing about this product is that it lacks bonuses. There are people who can’t see beyond the amount of content and bonuses do give the perception of added value. However, if you can overlook the lack of bonuses and focus on the merits of the main program’s content, you’ll realize that the value of the main program is substantial enough.

Nevertheless, there’s a good amount of new, effective, efficient, and intense bodybuilding philosophy in here to justify a buy; or at the very least, a try. However, you have been warned. Be prepared to do the work and experience the pain. In return, expect to see a lot of great bodybuilding results.

Our Final Recommendation: Buy MET Training

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