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  • The perfect product for the normally busy young working professional or casual fitness aficionado.  If your regular after work (or before work) visits to the gym or your fat busting aerobic sessions aren’t working out, you might want to give this program a serious look.
  • It’s a great program for getting you fit and developing lean muscles without bulking you up into a hardcore bodybuilder.
  • The program doesn’t take too much time (only 15 to 20 minutes at 3 times per week) which makes it easy to fit into anyone’s schedule, no matter how busy you are.
  • Doesn’t just show you “how” to do things, but explains “why” doing such things is necessary.
  • Stimulating and dynamic exercise routines so you’ll never get bored.
  • Covers all aspects of losing weight namely dieting, working out, and motivational techniques (i.e. the weight loss trifecta).
  • The workout routines are clearly illustrated coupled with detailed instructions.
  • From beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, this product covers a wide range of skill and fitness levels.
  • Don’t be deceived by the length of the workouts.  Each exercise session works out all the major muscle groups.
  • Support response time is quick.  We got a very accommodating response within 24 hours.


  • Expect to shell out some additional investment on weight equipment or gym membership.
  • “ProGrade” nutritional supplement and “Powerblock” dumbbell endorsements are scattered throughout the program and may get annoying.
  • Is a bit wordy, especially during the first few chapters.
  • Nutritional principles are covered in-depth throughout the program, but actionable diet plans and recipes are relegated to online references and resources.
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Fat Burning Furnace Key Product Details

Fat Burning Furnace Product LineupFat Burning Furnace is considered one of the best selling weight loss programs online, partly because it caters exactly to one of the largest demographic in the fitness world (the time-famined young urban professionals and casual fitness goers), but mostly because it’s fun, it’s complete, it’s fundamentally sound, it’s easy to understand, and most importantly, it works.

The product is created by Rob Poulos with the help of his wife Kalen. It’s a type of product that we normally refer to as a “living proof” product wherein Rob and Kalen themselves used to struggle with their weight, did a lot of research, tried a lot of things, and came up with something that works. Rob is now a fitness enthusiast and expert who owns Zero to Hero Fitness.

Similar to “rags to riches” stories, “living proof” products such as this tend to work on regular people who don’t have amazing genetics, fancy equipments, or access to special resources (i.e. like a celebrity trainer or a fitness coach). This is a product created by an average Joe and Jane for the average fitness Joe and Jane backed up by a long line of satisfied Joes and Janes.

Talking about the system itself, Fat Burning Furnace’s main principle is about raising your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) to make you a more efficient fat burning machine (now you see why it’s called the Fat Burning Furnace, right?). This is done through a precise combination of optimal exercise and nutrition; supported by some motivational techniques to help you see through the whole duration of the program.

The program starts you off with some introductory topics. You’ll first get an overview about the current state of the fitness industry (i.e. lots of ineffective diet and weight loss products entering the market promising effortless and quick solutions and the reasons why people buy them). After that, you’ll learn more about Rob’s journey from being “skinny fat” (his words, not ours, and essentially refers to having no muscles but filled with fat) towards having a great body. To wrap up the introductory portions, you’ll be initiated with some fitness concepts like body types, fat to muscle ratios, and developing fitness habits.

Once you’re through with the introduction, you’ll get a substantial dose (I mean around 80 pages) of Fat Burning Furnace workout methodology. In here, Rob first explains why it’s necessary to build a bit of muscle (regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman) but not to the point of being Arnold What’s His Name (again, his words, not ours). He then proceeds to introduce some basic exercise terms and concepts (great for total beginners) before moving on to the Fat Burning Furnace exercise routines. Each exercise mentioned in the routines is coupled with illustrated and detailed instructions so that you can execute them perfectly.

After that meaty workout section, Rob proceeds to explain his nutrition methods and principles. It’s a bit shorter compared to the workout section, but it covers a lot of dieting and nutrition topics. There’s a chapter on calories and micronutrients, a section on plant proteins, a good discussion about water intake, and some arguments for and against the effects of sodium and alcohol to your body. Rob also shows his meal planning methodology. At the end of the section, you’ll then get sample meal plan charts with references to online resources that provide more detail.

The last major section is about some techniques to keep you motivated. The fact is, most people fail not because the methodology they follow is faulty, but because they don’t see it through to the end. Therefore, following some simple motivational techniques to keep you going shouldn’t be overlooked. Every minute you can will yourself to do the program contributes to bringing you towards your ideal body.

The program is then wrapped up with more information about the author and some recommended resources (i.e. product endorsements).

Fat Burning Furnace Prices and Packages

$39.99, Deluxe Package

  • “Fat Burning Furnace Blueprint” e-book.
  • 3 months email coaching.
  • 1 year free updates.

$39.99, Ultimate Package (yes the same price as Deluxe, that’s not a typo)

  • Everything in the Deluxe Package.
  • 12 months email coaching instead of 3 months.
  • “The FBF Ultimate Success Toolkit – Progress Tracker” printable sheet.
  • “The FBF Ultimate Success Toolkit – Online Metabolic Rate Calculator” online software access.
  • “The FBF Ultimate Success Toolkit – Online Body Fat Percentage Analyzer” online software access.

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Our Fat Burning Furnace Review Verdict

We understand where Fat Burning Furnace’s market success comes from. It’s a “living proof” product developed by regular people that works for the rest of us who are not blessed with incredible physical gifts, genetics, or access to exclusive resources. It also works for people who don’t live in the gym (I’m talking to you, gym rats) and have only limited time to spare on their busy schedule. It is in this light that we give a perfect 5 out of 5 stars to this product.

First and foremost, Fat Burning Furnace is fundamentally sound. It’s not fancy; nor does it package itself as a new age breakthrough weight loss miracle. It just relies on solid, tried-and-tested workout and nutrition methodologies that are proven to work on the typical Joe and Jane.

On top of that, we also love that Rob takes time to explain the “why” and not just the “how.” While most other fitness and weight loss programs simply expect you to follow their methodologies blindly, Rob explains the reasons why the elements in his program are necessary and beneficial to you. This level of transparency also allows you to verify and check if what Rob is saying is true or not.

If there’s something to nitpick about this product, though, it is the lack of a more elaborate diet plan and recipes to support it. Workouts should always come with proper nutrition methodologies alongside them; and though the nutritional principles were discussed in the program, we really think they can put more meat (no pun intended) into the diet plan section. They do compensate by pointing us to online references, though; but still, it would’ve been better if a detailed meal plan was included.

Regardless, Fat Burning Furnace is still a keeper, especially for the busy urban professionals and the casual fitness enthusiasts. If you just want to lose that extra weight, remove a few undesirable bulges on key body areas, or just want to start living healthy, this workout program can get you there. You only need to follow through.

Our Final Recommendation: Absolutely Buy Fat Burning Furnace

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finally got over the fence...

Jan 28, 2013 by Mason Tyas

I was on the fence and resisted this product for so long but seeing this product on banners and ads over and over again kept me going back. Reading this review finally got me over the hump, 3 weeks in and I am liking what I am seeing so far.

Response: That is amazing Mason. We are glad our review got you over the hump. Hopefully we will hear about your weight loss success story soon. Thank you very much for posting your personal experience. You would surely help a lot of other readers who are in the same situation as you were.

5.0 5.0 1 1 I was on the fence and resisted this product for so long but seeing this product on banners and ads over and over again kept me going back. Reading this review finally got me over Fat Burning Furnace Review