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NOTE: Every Other Day Diet is no longer for sale but we would keep this review page live for your reference. In the meantime, you might want to take a look at similar products like Eat Stop Eat or The Carb Nite Solution.


  • If you are thinking of trying out a fasting type of diet, this is a good starting point. It’s not as drastic as a crash diet and helps “get your feet wet” so to speak.
  • Easy and straightforward schedule that you need to follow. Any guesswork is taken out of the equation.
  • Any type of fruits, nuts, and vegetables are fair game and you can have as much as you want.
  • There’s a wide variety of recipes that can fit into everyone’s nutritional circumstances.
  • No calorie counting.
  • Guilt-free diet splurging every other day makes this program easier to commit to and follow through.
  • You’ll develop great eating habits.


  • There are “no lunch” days. Up until you get accustomed to the schedule, you can expect to battle through the hunger feeling.
  • If you absolutely don’t like apples, nuts, and vegetables, this program is pretty much kryptonite to you.
  • Your program can be easily derailed by eating out or special occasions. The product is unclear on how to work through these unexpected events.
  • The author, John Benson, is more known for his fitness and exercise expertise, not diets.

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Every Other Day Diet Key Product Details

Every Other Day Diet Product LineupEvery Other Day Diet is a diet plan created by Jon Benson. This diet product is one of the easiest diets to follow and stands out among the rest in that regard.

When we say easiest diet plan to follow, we are not only referring to the way the diet plan’s layout or detailed instructions. This program is easy to follow because it doesn’t recommend counting calories (which most people hate), prevent you from eating your favorite foods (which most people just can’t keep up), or make you exercise into exhaustion (which most people just can’t maintain). Most of the things that make dieting a frustrating endeavor are removed.

When it comes to the author, Jon Benson is a well-decorated fitness authority. If you look at his pictures and YouTube channel you would be able to see how buff this guy is. However, he hasn’t really established himself as a diet expert. But his results, backed up by appearances in Men’s Fitness, Maxim, Shape, and Oxygen (among others) does tip the credibility scale in his favor.

Regarding the concept behind this weight loss product, the system Jon developed is called SNAPP, which is essentially a daily eating habit and meal plan program. To give you a rough idea, you have a shake or smoothie everyday for breakfast, two snacks throughout the day, and a prescribed dinner. After that dinner you are only allowed vegetables for the rest of the night.

Every other day (thus the name of the product) you get to replace those two snacks with an apple and a meal of your choosing for lunch.

In effect, you are only really dieting every other day during the days when you don’t take launch and have two snacks. It’s safe to say that’s the reason why Jon Benson called this program the Every Other Day Diet.

The science behind the SNAPP system and how and why the system works are also provided for your reading pleasure. If you’re into technical stuff then you’ll love that section.

Every Other Day Diet Prices and Packages

$39.97, Standard Package

  • “Every Other Day Diet” e-book with lifetime upgrades.
  • “The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint” e-guide.
  • “Perfect Posture in 30 Days by Vince Del Monte, CPT” e-report.
  • “Cholesterol Lies by NASA Physician Dr. Duane Graveline” e-report.
  • “Hormones 101 by Dr. Holly Lucille, N.D. and Jon Benson” e-report.
  • “The Virtual Exercise Demonstrator by Vince Del Monte, CPT” video files.
  • “Skinny Mini-Meals by The Body Sculptress” recipe e-book.
  • “Female Power! By Kelli Calabrese and Scott Colby, CPT” e-report.
  • “The Fitness Primer Hypnotic Audio by Rick Beneteau” audio files.
  • “The No Struggle Plan by Mathes Jones” e-report.
  • 30 days personal e-mail coaching.

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Our Every Other Day Diet Review Verdict

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All in all, Every Other Day Diet is a regular but solid diet plan. It does what it’s supposed to do but doesn’t really do anything that separates it from the rest. Being an average product, we are giving it a similar average 3 out of 5 stars rating.

The product, like what we said over and over again, is one of the easiest plans to follow. Other than that, there’s really nothing much to discuss. It’s a solid product in a pool of many solid products.

I guess it’s not a surprise that this product turned out just average, Jon Benson is not really known for his diet expertise. If you’re looking for a product that focuses on dieting, there are more specialized authorities out there. However, that doesn’t mean you have to discount this program altogether. This product does have its merits.

Our Final Recommendation: Try Before You Buy Every Other Day Diet

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