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NOTE: This is an updated review to reflect and coincide with the new and improved version of the “Cheat Your Way Thin” program. The “Cheat Your Way Thin” program, originally solely authored by fitness legend Joel Marion, brought in another fitness legend in Shaun Hadsall as co-author. With that merger comes a lot of improvement on the main manual as well as the overall support infrastructure that surrounds the program. Those changes would be tackled in more detail within this review.


  • If you are a newbie in the world of dieting, this program may be a good take off point since it doesn’t restrict you from tasty “guilt” foods entirely (i.e. desserts, pizza, cookies, etc.).
  • A diet program that’s easy to stick to (compared to other diet programs, that is) because it allows you to eat your favorite foods that are most likely banned if you follow other diet programs.
  • The cheat days included in this program are less restrictive even compared to other diet programs’ cheat days. This program’s cheat day is almost bordering on the all-out-eat-whatever-you-want type.
  • Powerful combination of two tried-and-tested dieting methodologies from two of the most well-established fitness experts in the industry – Joel Marion’s original “Cheat Your Way Thin” concepts and Shaun Hadsall’s “Macro-Patterning” diet methodology).
  • Added a “botched diet” recovery system that wasn’t present in the original program. This would come in handy should you fall off-track (i.e. unexpected dine outs, holiday eating) from your regular dieting schedule. This allows you to get back on your dieting track without losing any momentum.
  • Well-organized with clean and readable presentation.
  • The support team responded to our inquiry within 48 hours. A welcome and much-needed improvement considering the older version didn’t have a reliable support team.


  • The program is very technical and uses a bit of Nutrition Science jargons, graphs, and concepts.
  • With the update, the product became so much affordable without compromising the value of the program.
  • The exercise component is still very shallow. The exercise content included in the original version was thin and there isn’t much change done to this one beyond cleaning up the formatting and some minor editing.
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Cheat Your Way Thin Key Product Details

Cheat Your Way Thin Product LineupCheat Your Way Thin is (as with the original version) a diet program which, as you can guess from the title, gets you to lose weight while allowing you to eat those delicious foods that are normally off-limits with other diet programs. Both the original version and this new and enhanced version are designed such that the diet regimen is easy to stick to since you don’t have to completely abstain from your favorite foods. Everyone has a dieting breaking point that makes them give up on a diet entirely. This program is intended to keep you from ever reaching that breaking point while also experiencing effective weight loss results.

Cheat Your Way Thin was originally created by Joel Marion but has since included Shaun Hadsall with the updated version. Let’s meet them both individually.

Joel is a household name in the diet and fitness industry and is considered as one of the top trainers in America. In fact, Men’s Fitness listed Joel as one of America’s top 50 trainers. His long list of credentials include being a NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Certified Personal Trainer and a CISSN (Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition), having articles published in top fitness websites and magazines like and the aforementioned Men’s Fitness, and lastly, and arguably the most impressive, was winning the 2001 Million-Dollar Body-for-Life Body Transformation Challenge organized by the legendary fitness expert Bill Phillips.

Shaun, on the other hand, sports an equally impressive résumé. He was 1st runner up in the aforementioned Body-for-Life Challenge in 1998 and has since been a best-selling author with media appearances in ESPN, Oxygen Magazine, and Muscle Media. Like Joel, Shaun also holds fitness trainer certifications that you would normally see with experts in the industry.

Going into the program itself, the main idea behind Cheat Your Way Thin is to naturally manipulate your Leptin levels via strategic dieting. For the uninitiated, Leptin is the hormone that helps regulate metabolism and appetite. By extension, it helps control how much you eat, how much you burn, and can ultimately determine how much weight you gain or lose.

As to what you can expect to go through when you buy this program, you’ll start off with some key terms and concepts, more specifically the terms Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. These terms are used throughout the program and the introductory part of this program does a great job at making you familiar with them.

After that, you would dive into the dieting and meal planning itself and talk about determining portion sizes and meal frequency. The updated version of this program introduces 3 phases – Rapid Fat Loss Primer, Core Metabolic Accelerator, and Maintenance. Each phase has their own specific objectives and demands different dieting habits in order to achieve those goals. You’ll go through them in that order to allow your body to burn the optimum amount of fat and maintain that ideal weight once you achieve it for the long term.

Cheat Your Way Thin Prices and Packages

$27, Standard Package

  • “Cheat Your Way Thin Diet Manual” e-book.
  • “Quick Reference Cards” e-sheets.
  • “Quick Start Checklist” e-guide.
  • “Lean Eating Restaurant Guide” e-report.
  • “Success Journal” e-sheets.
  • “Supplementation Guide” e-report.
  • “Fast Start Exercise Guide by Dan Long” e-guide.
  • “Goal Achieving Mindset Solutions by Dan Long” video files.

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Our Cheat Your Way Thin Review Verdict

Cheat Your Way Thin used to be a dieting program for beginners that held a lot of potential but ultimately failed to meet them; not anymore. This new version, with the infusion of Shaun’s dieting knowledge into the original formula and an improved support team, lifts the whole program into new heights; finally enabling it to realize the program’s potential and more. Cheat Your Way Thin is now a great dieting program for beginners to start with. It’s forgiving and allows a lot of flexibility without sacrificing effectiveness; something that is rare for a dieting program. Taking everything into consideration, this updated product is a definite improvement and deserves a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

Cheat Your Way Thin’s crowning glory (for this updated version at least) is the merger of two great fitness experts – Joel Marion and Shaun Hadsall. Along that merger comes their combined dieting experience and sound dieting concepts that are based on tons of scientific evidences. This product provides a rare opportunity for us to pick the brains of two fitness legends. Such a situation simply doesn’t happen too often.

The issue with this product though, was that it didn’t have a substantial exercise module then and it still doesn’t have one in the update. Yes, we understand that this is first and foremost a diet and nutrition program; but any weight loss program deserves a working exercise component beyond simply stating good activity habits. Some simple exercise resources and workout plans would have really helped this program.

Nevertheless, there are not a lot of dieting programs available out there that genuinely think about how newbies get into dieting. Most newbies enter a dieting program carrying bad eating habits with them (that’s why they want to diet and lose weight in the first place). It’s hard for any newbie to totally overhaul their eating habits to adhere to a certain dieting regimen. Cheat Your Way Thin is one such program that takes this newbie dieting predicament into consideration; that’s why it’s very forgiving and flexible that also has a “botched diet” recovery system in place in case a newbie dieter falls off-track (which, being a beginner, will most likely happen often).

All in all, if this is your first (or maybe second or third) attempt into dieting, Cheat Your Way Thin is a great entry point to effective dieting that can finally give you some tangible results. You may or may not reach your target weight; but if you follow this program, you would definitely be taking steps closer to reaching that goal.

Our Final Recommendation: Buy Cheat Your Way Thin

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