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NOTE: 30 Days to Thin is no longer for sale but we would keep this review page live for your reference. In the meantime, you might want to take a look at similar products like Eat Stop Eat or Fat-Burning Chef.


  • If you’re job requires quick and constant body weight management (i.e. fashion models, actors), this program may help you.
  • Stays away from diet pills, weight loss supplements, starvation dieting, extreme workouts, or liposuctions.


  • There are a lot of question marks about the author’s identity and credentials.
  • Inconsistent and self-contradictory because it packages itself as a Celebrity and Pro-Ana secret manual but eventually claims that Pro-Ana practices are harmful.
  • The products claims and methods are a bit questionable.
  • The program seems unpolished, with a lot of noticeable grammar and spelling errors seen throughout the program.
  • Supposed to be anti-starvation but suggests a juice diet; just another self-contradictory claim among a lot of self-contradictory claims within the program.

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30 Days to Thin Key Product Details

30 Days to Thin Product Lineup30 Days to Thin is a very confusing weight loss product. It makes a habit of making claims only to make the opposite statement later on. We really can’t determine how this product was conceptualized but it really failed to come together.

This program is authored by Christina Clark. Her profile says that she’s an author, researcher, and fat loss coach but doing further research can’t verify those credentials. You do get to see her picture which may indicate that she’s a real person, but that doesn’t establish her as an authority in the weight loss field. In any case, her background has a lot of holes in it. These question marks also permeate to the program itself.

This product is supposed to be a Pro-Ana weight loss program coupled with celebrity weight loss secrets. However, it later reveals in the program that Pro-Ana practices are bad for you. Those types of confusing beliefs and advices are present throughout the program.

Just to give you another example. The program is against starvation diets (as every diet should be), but strongly suggests a juice diet. Yet another contradicting instance is the program’s diet recipes and meal plans section, despite saying that diet meal plans don’t work. It’s just confusing.

The supposedly good thing about the program (if there are any) is the celebrity secrets to losing and keeping their weight. However, we were disappointed to find out that they are just a bunch of excerpts taken from the celebrities’ public interviews. The “secrets” weren’t even detailed beyond what these celebrities said in during their interviews.

30 Days to Thin Prices and Packages

$37, Standard Package

  • “30 Days to Thin” e-book.
  • “How to Get Skinny Legs in 14 Days” e-report.
  • “How to Get Thin Thighs in 14 Days” e-report.
  • “30 Days to Thin Weight Loss Calculator” software.

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Our 30 Days to Thin Review Verdict

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30 Days to Thin is supposedly a Pro-Ana weight loss product that also reveals celebrity secrets to losing weight. However, the sheer number of question marks and red flags this product raises makes it hardly worth the money and risk. It is because of those factors that we give this product a 1 out of 5 stars rating.

The author, Christina Clark, may have a photo included in profile but her identity is hard to verify (despite our best efforts). She may at least be a real person, but she ultimately failed to establish herself as an authority in the Pro-Ana and weight loss field.

The program itself lacks substance coupled with self-conflicting statements, most of which we already mentioned above. It just feels like this product really doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be. It seems like a collection of weight loss articles from different approaches mishmashed into one incoherent weight loss product.

Our Final Recommendation: Absolutely Don’t Buy 30 Days to Thin

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